Melissa James



Sometimes someone comes along that just blows your world apart. Melissa James is one of those people. Her pure vocal talent and charisma explodes when she performs. Karien Kemp had the privilege of interviewing her on her popular Radio Reverb Show 

“I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Kairen during our interview. Upon meeting her, I was immediately put at ease by her warmth and sense of professionalism. The interview felt like a chat between friends – and we shared a laugh – but all the while, she was no less professional and her questions were well-thought out and interesting for me to answer because I hadn’t answered them numerous times before in previous interviews. She’s a great supporter of new music and emerging artists too with a genuine interest in hearing about me and my work as a musician”.


Click here to hear her voice … (don’t delay – click today! You wont be disappointed!)


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