Helene Blum

Helene Blum by Sigrid Nygaard3

As one of the finest interpreters of Danish traditional singing Blum has, over the years, been extremely active touring the world.

Her ensemble with fiddler Harald Haugaards has visited festivals in Canada and the USA, beautiful chamber music halls in Wienna and Tokyo, churches and clubs in Denmark and the rest of Europe with over 100 concerts every year.

As a professional singer Blum has developed into a mature, storyteller opening up for new depth of sounds and presence in her voice. Last year she released her 4th solo album ‘Men med i¥bne i¸jne’ /‘But With My Eyes Open’. The sound is still based in folk music but blends elements from modern classical music alongside electric guitars and percussion blend into the sound of acoustic folk. It gives the album a wider range than earlier releases, but there is never any doubt who the author of the music is with most of the music and lyrics on the album is composed by Blum herself. Features Martin Simpson and Andy Cutting.

“If you want a haunting voice then Denmark’s Helene Blum fits the bill. It’s true, almost all the lyrics are in Danish but there is a transcending grace to the music ….. The album is an unexpected treat.” The Telegraph



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